The Most Realistic Alien

There is a very cool phenomenon that is filtering across the planet and here at Cre8 Foundation, we want everybody to know about it. It’s called The Most Realistic Alien Project and it’s gathering momentum with light speed and intergalactic force!

The Most Realistic Alien is a global art project launched in Rishikesh India in 2002 that is a living example of the foundation’s mantra: to inspire and unite children around the world through collaborative art.

The concept is simple:

1. Draw an alien
2. Make it realistic

The project challenges earthlings big and small; from across the globe, to draw the most realistic aliens they can, and submit them to our global collaboration. By exploring the possibilities that start in our collective imaginings, we create an interplanetary experience and do what we love to do the most: inspire creative thinking!

The Most Realistic Alien Project has been a great success over the past 11 years, with 25 workshops now having been held across the world (earth only at this stage). The workshops bring earthlings together, in parks, in schools, or even under the shade of a tree in a village somewhere to collaborate on the collection of fantastic extra-terrestrials. Volunteers can conduct workshops, and earthlings from anywhere can submit their aliens online.

Aliens have been captured on paper across 5 continents. We have aliens from Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Spain and Thailand and now more than ever we are closer to understanding what aliens REALLY look like!

Cre8 Foundation is about to take it up a notch in 2013 and beyond.  We plan to hold Most Realistic Alien workshops in every country on this planet, and at the end will publish a beautiful alien filled book. Yes! A book! This will have photos from our workshops and stories from across the globe.  Best of all will be a selection of the most wonderful, most realistic aliens from all the submissions we’ve received, and if you’re lucky – your entry may appear in there too! The book will be a much-treasured addition to the collections of art lovers and cultural enthusiasts everywhere. All contributing artists and collaborators will be credited, and all proceeds will go directly back into the organization, helping us improve the quantity and quality of our global arts programs.

Each and every entry we receive further enriches our out-of-this-world collection so why not strap yourself in, get involved and send us your aliens today. You could be famous!


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