Our art projects are what we do. We are motivated by a shared belief.

This takes form, and has function. Our global expression of this belief is delivered through our art projects. The scope of these projects is constantly evolving, but what remains is the core of our being – our signature workshops. These are collective gatherings of ideas, and manifest into the jewel in our crown – local and global exhibitions.


Cre8’s workshops are collaborative art in action! It all begins by stimulating creativity in the local community. When a skilled adult – an artist, or maybe a teacher – wants to share their talent, we do all we can to make it happen. Using a simple theme, the workshops focus on specified mediums and the children in a community come together to share their talents and perspectives. Meanwhile, in one or more other countries, other children are doing the same. As the workshops progress, children from different countries connect with each other through the creative process, learning and benefiting from this collaboration. The outputs from the workshops come together to form the exhibition piece – an international collaborative artwork.

The impacts of the workshops are in many cases immeasurable. Kids are empowered to think differently about themselves and their abilities as well as their place in the world. They are given a sense of their creative individuality in a global context as they learn about the experiences of children from places they may have never been to.

Creativity becomes a life skill and can inform their ongoing educational pursuits, where previously it may not have. By promoting an exchange between cultures, kids learn to engage with each other despite their differences and, ultimately, to trust themselves and one another. The global conversation and the work that is produced in the end, gives children the invaluable opportunity of being part of something that is bigger than themselves.


So what is the result of all that creative output and working together? The chance to show the world the limitless potential of human collaboration! Once the concept has been developed, the workshops have taken place and all the works from across the globe have been gathered together, our final stage in the process is to curate these pieces for exhibition.

The international collaborative art piece that is created is a very important part of the process. Cre8 Foundation is committed to showcasing works on every level. From small scale displays in local communities, to professional exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world, the purpose is social engagement – on a community level and on a global scale.

The exhibition process provides the platform to raise awareness of Cre8 Foundation’s message. The power of individual imagination is tapped into, the beauty of diverse cultures is explored and the capacity for people to work together to achieve great things is put on display.

Each international collaborative art piece created through Cre8 Foundation’s workshops is a symbol for the viewer of cross cultural respect and the immense capacity for human beings to work together to create positive and meaningful change.