Ole Ukena

Founder & Creative Director


Ole Ukena is a professional artist always on the move. His vision, creative drive and curiosity leave him well suited to lead Cre8′s efforts to inspire and unite the world through the arts. When not working with kids in a workshop or exhibition, you can find him out in the world filming, making music or in a neighborhood drawing “realistic” aliens.

Sofia Cabo

Production Director


Sofia has degrees in Industrial Design, Art, and Architecture. She enjoys finding innovative design solutions, which include managing our workshop and event production and working with our collaborators to help carry out our mission. When not hard at work, you can find her swimming in a lake or teaching kids in nature’s best classroom: under a tree.

Ryan Lally

Finance Director


Ryan has advanced degrees in business and accounting and more than 8 years of experience in nonprofit, private industry and public accounting. His drive for meaningful work led him straight to Cre8, where he now manages our accounting and compliance needs. Ryan lives in Denver, Colorado where he also pursues his loves of writing, drumming, and karaoke.

Shaleah Dancy

Development Manager


With a degree in Hospitality Business & Event Management, Shaleah spent over a decade working for various corporations and nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles before relocating to Berlin. She is now proud to contribute her organizational expertise to the development of our projects and people. She enjoys writing poetry and is always dreaming up new recipe ideas for her future cookbook.

Nada Schroer

Volunteer Manager


Nada has a master’s degree in Politics, Culture Studies and Spanish. Her studies introduced her to travel, research, and various social projects. She now applies these experiences to further creativity and collaboration here at Cre8. Naturally curious, Nada has a passion for language and culture and can always be found exploring anything that may expand her perspectives.

Sergio Castro

Art Director


Sergio is a professional graphic designer with a master’s degree in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces. Aside from his professional expertise, his interests have expanded to include music and photography, which now constantly redirect and guide his graphic production. Sergio creates within the world of visual and audio, permanently translating words to images, forms and colors.

Fon Muangkeo

Exhibition Manager


Fon has a passion for art, through and through. In addition to having experience as a volunteer arts educator, Fon has organized over 40 exhibitions and events at her gallery in Bangkok and currently works as a researcher for the Ministry of Art and Culture in Thailand. She is dedicated to developing the arts in Thailand and helping children explore their artistic gifts.

Melinda Barlow

Social Media Manager


A writer, blogger, photo taker and traveler, Melinda has a degree in Health Sciences and a love for words and their possibilities. Her work is informed by her travels, her Australian upbringing, and her interest in capturing small moments. She is proud to lead Cre8’s social media efforts, helping us meaningfully connect and engage with the world as much as digitally possible.