Getting Loud in Colombia

Shhh. Do you hear that? It sounds like a soundtrack for Cre8’s very first animated film created by kids from around the world.

Yes! That’s exactly what it is. The third phase of our very first Drawing Animation Sound (“D.A.S”) project has now come to a close. For this round, Cre8 headed to the hills of Taganga, Colombia to work with music producer Juan Pellegrino of the band Systema Solar and home of, and a fantastic (and pleasantly noisy) group of locals who attend the school in the area.  The Band of Juan is known for an eclectic mix of traditional Colombian sounds and a a great example of combining the local culture with a global vision.

To get a feeling for the Colombian carribean coast and the music of Systema Solar check out their video:

We began by showing the kids the animated sequences created by kids in Los Angles who used the drawings created by kids in Thailand. The kids of Colombia soon understood that it was now their turn to give life to the film by creating the sound for the story!

The kids were a bit shy at first, but after conducting a group “sound hunt”– during which we searched for musical objects in our surrounding environment–the kids soon transformed before our eyes into an outstanding group of musical performers. Looking at printed out pictures that represent parts of the animated sequences the kids were exploring the environment for possible sources of inspiration.

While recording each sound, the importance for silence opened the doors for valuable lessons in patience and respect. And teamwork was always in the forefront, especially when the whole group worked together to rapidly move a big piece of tin roof to produce the sound of a roaring engine of a spaceship!

A warm and special thank you to all the kids of Taganga and all the collaborators who made the event possible. Much appreciation goes to Juan for conducting and producing the event, Andres Gutierrez with technical recording, Venessa Gocksch for hosting and directing , and Carolina Pellegrino for technical advice and team support.

Now our D.A.S. post-production begins. We’ll report back soon when the film is complete. For now, please enjoy our photos of our noisy visit with the kids of Colombia!

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  1. que linda iniciativa y q hermosos niños los q llenan ese prollecto de alegria seguro eñ resultado va ha ser fantastico los felicito de corazon desde taganga, esperamos ansioso los resultados

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